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New Defender Land Rover Appeal achieves its £85,000 target

The Team is delighted to announce that an exceptionally generous donation has taken fundraising for our New Defender Land Rover Appeal to its £85,000 target. The donation has been made in memory of a departed family member who loved the Lake District and highly valued the work of the PatterdaleTeam.

“Recent activities such as sales of our Ullswater Valley calendar and an online auction associated with the new Terry Abraham Helvellyn film had taken us to our half-way fund-raising milestone,” explains Chair of Trustees, Chris Sanderson. “Now this tremendous support from one family has enabled us to meet our target in full, a year ahead of schedule. We are looking forward to the completion of the modification work on the new vehicle and its entry into operational service early in the New Year.”

Chris continues: “On behalf of everyone associated with the Patterdale Team – members, trustees, supporters and fundraisers alike – I’d like to thank all those who contributed to the Appeal. Its success underlines the importance of donors, both large and small, to the continued delivery of a fully-supported voluntary rescue service.

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