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The Team runs a fleet of four long-wheel base Land Rover Defenders specially adapted for Mountain Rescue and usually aims to replace each vehicle after 12 years.  Our oldest vehicle has now been in service with the Team for 16 years and is long overdue for replacement.

Having carefully considered all the options, we  decided to be one of the first to buy the New Defender 110, and we now have the challenge of raising £85,000 to buy the basic vehicle and to cover the cost of its conversion for Mountain Rescue use. We are working to raise the full £85,000 by December 2021.

We have already had some very generous donations and we will put the proceeds from the sale of our old vehicle towards the purchase.  We plan to carry out a number of fund-raising activities but these are much curtailed by Covid-related social distancing requirements. We therefore now need your help to raise some £60,000.  Please give generously and help us continue to deliver a first class service to those in need of our help.

For more information and to donate to the New Defender 110 Appeal please visit Virgin Money Giving by clicking below.

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Should you prefer to donate to this Appeal by another route please give via Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team’s Donate page and let us know via email when you have done so (, so that we can allocate your donation accordingly.

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Thank you, Hayley and Helen. Hayley lost her camera on Swirral Edge - precious memories and a special gift. Helen found it, posted on social media and Hayley's friend spotted it. Hayley has her camera, Helen wanted no reward so Hayley's donated to us. Thank you to both of them!

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