Plan for a legacy

Many will help Patterdale Mountain Rescue by remembering the Team with a legacy in their will. The Trustees of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association undertake to use those legacies to best effect.  If you want your legacy to be used in a specific way. e.g. towards a new Team Vehicle or Swift Water kit, then you can specify this and the Trustees can arrange this to happen, but it is worth noting that operational needs change all the time and by leaving the use of your funds unrestricted the Trustees can exercise their judgement to ensure that legacies are used in the most effective manner at the time.

By completing an “Expression of Wishes” (also known as “Nomination of Beneficiaries”) form, then you can specify exactly who should receive a share of “unused” pension funds on death. Anyone can be nominated as a pension beneficiary, including a charity like Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association. For wording, please ask your Solicitor for advice.

The download documents below give you more information and up-to-date advice.

  • The Legacy Booklet includes information about options and approaches to legacies and is the main reference for anyone considering a legacy to the Team. 
  • The Codicil Form is a very specific document that enables you to add a gift to us to your existing Will.
  • The Intention Form is a useful and simple way for you to let us know of your plans.  The contents of your Will are private but it would be helpful if you could tell us if you are thinking about leaving a gift to us in your Will. This also gives us an opportunity to thank you and invite you to see how your gift could be used by the Team.

All gifts in Wills are important, regardless of size and we are grateful to all our Supporters for their continued donations, fundraising and gifts.  If you would like more information about leaving a legacy to Patterdale Mountain Rescue Association, please  contact: Trevor Price, Solicitor, Arnison Heelis, 1 St. Andrew’s Place, Penrith CA11 7AW   T: 01768 862007

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