New titanium stretcher


Over the last couple of months COVID-19 has significantly reduced the number of callouts our team has had, we are quite relieved not many people have set out on the high fells, so a big thank you!However, the team has been kept busy by looking into ways to reduce the weight of kit carried by members on callouts. One area we looked into was the weight of our stretchers. After the review we decided to purchase a new lightweight Titan Titanium stretcher. The new stretcher in basic form weighs 8kg compared to our current stretchers that weigh in the region of 27kg. The new stretcher has a detachable wheel, detachable carrying handles, a detachable head guard and a sled for going down slopes.

Thanks to everyone who has already bought one (or more) of our Ullswater Valley Calendars 2022 - and to the team at @Catstycam for stocking them too. Buy from them or from us online, just £10 plus p&p.

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