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Lights donation upgrades all three Patterdale team Land RoversA national company has given Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team (MRT) the opportunity to upgrade its three vehicles and to be even safer and better seen when operating at night.


Glenn Bridge, the Team’s Equipment Officer, explains: “A specialist auto electricals company, Mobile Centre, offered to help rescue teams across the country back in 2014 and we’ve now been able to take advantage of their generous support. Through a combination of donations and discounts, all three of our Team Land Rovers are now equipped with LED headlights, rear and signal lights. That’s over £2,500 worth of equipment in all and we’re very grateful to everyone at Mobile Centre for their generosity.”

Billy Bott has been the point of contact for this offer and over £50,000 of lighting products have been donated to various rescue teams and their Defenders across the UK.

“First we helped out our local MRT team,” says Billy, “and then Mobile Centre took the decision to open up a similar offer to every team with a Defender in the UK. By upgrading their lighting to LED, we were able to offer better performance in all conditions and reduced maintenance too. The LED headlights reduce driver fatigue and that then increases safety, giving rescue team members all the advantages of 21st Century automotive lighting. It’s been great to contribute something so useful to such a worthy cause.”Lights donatio

The new lighting systems were fitted by the Team’s regular servicing and MOT garage, Chambers in Tirril and the three vehicles have been in action in recent weeks on a variety of searches and rescues.

“These Land Rovers, each one equipped for a specialist purpose, are crucial to our work,” says Team Leader, Mike Blakey. “The winter months are particularly busy for us in Patterdale and the new LED lighting kits will reduce the pull on battery power when we’re in the mountains as well as giving us brighter lights to work by. As a rescue team, we’re 100% volunteers, available 24/7 and reliant on fundraising and donations so gifts in kind like this are a huge boost to our work. Thanks go to everyone at Mobile Centre for their support.”

Thanks to everyone at @Team_BMC for their support for the Chris Lewis Support Fund, for the Team and for MR across the country. It's much appreciated.

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