Male falls 10 meters into Aira Force
Aira Force
Grid reference: NY 40019 20856
On Wednesday 13/10/21 at around 13:30 hrs the team were called out regards a male who had fallen 10 meters into Aira Force Gorge. Fire, Helimed and land ambulance also responded. The male had tried to climb out and unfortunately fallen back into the gorge a second time. When the team arrived at scene the male had been in the water for about 1 hour and was extremely cold. The team quickly lowered a team member down to the casualty to stabilise and assess him. A rope system was rigged and the casualty was raised onto dry land. The very cold casualty was then assessed by medics on scene for hypothermia and suspected leg and arm fractures. The casualty was stabilised and then transported in a team landrover to a land ambulance in a nearby car park. The rescue lasted for 2 hrs and involved 13 team members. The team would like to thank the Cumbria Fire and Rescue service, NWAS and the Great North Air Ambulance for some great team work to quickly resolve the incident.