All 2013 Incidents

There were 72 incidents in 2013.

Family reported missing on Helvellyn
As incident 71 was drawing to a close Cumbria Police received a 999 call reporting a family of three overdue on Helvellyn. As the team were responding to the request for assistance from the Police the missing people turned up safe and well.
Married couple fall from Helvellyn Ridge
On Sunday 29th December, at about 1530 a male walker fell approximately 130 metres from Swirral Edge, Helvellyn in to Brown Cove. A passer-by who witnessed the fall called 999 and whilst he was talking to the Police he saw a woman fall from the same place on the ridge; apparently falling much further than the man. The information available to the
Walker Delayed on Helvellyn
At approximately 1600 Patterdale MRT were called by a worried relative who was reporting that her son was late back from a walk on Helvellyn. Whilst the team were gathering information the man turned up safe and well.
Walker with broken ankle spends the longest night on mountain
At approximately 0900 on Saturday 21st December a hill-walker knocked on the door of a farmhouse just above Howtown, Ullswater, to report that his friend was laying injured on the mountain side. The man has spent the longest night of the year on the mountain with a broken ankle. The subsequent rescue lasted four and half hours and involved fifteen team members.
Woman Rescued From above Glennridding
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist a woman in her 50s. The woman, from the north, had fallen whilst walking near Lanty's Tarn above Glenridding and injured her right leg and lower back. After treating her at the scene the team carried her down to their waiting landrover ambulances for the short drive back to their rescue centre.
Overdue Walker
Overdue Walker at Aira Force At approximately 1800hrs Patterdale MRT were called by Cumbria Police to begin searching for an overdue walker in the area of Aira Force.
Three Runners Rescued within Three Hours (Part 3)
Just as the Team were about to head back to base for a cup of tea a third callout was received for a 55 year old man from North Yorkshire who had fallen, again on the same path, injuring his knee and sustaining cuts and bruises to his face.
Three Runners Rescued within Three Hours (Part 2)
Whilst the Team were dealing with the first incident a 35 year old woman from Oswestry slipped approximately 3km away on the same footpath and fractured her wrist.
Three Runners Rescued within Three Hours (Part 1)
The Team were called to assist a 33 year old male from Manchester who had injured his ankle whilst taking part in the Lakeland Trails Event, in the Ullswater valley.
Man suffers fracture dislocation to his ankle on Hallin Fell
At 1230 PMRT were tasked by the North West Ambulance Service to assist a man who had fallen and fracture dislocated his ankle. The Team administered pain relief and the Team doctor treated the man before onward transfer to hospital in Carlisle.
Severe weather hampers efforts to rescue twelve teenagers
Twelve teenagers were rescued today in severe weather conditions. Two were airlifted by RAF Sea King helicopter and the remaining ten were assisted back to Patterdale MRT base. Several team members were blown over and one team member suffered chest injuries. PMRT would like to remind those venturing into the mountains to check the weather forecast.
Couple lost in the mist on Great Dodd
At 1545 Cumbria Police requested the assistance of Patterdale MRT to locate a couple who had become disorientated in low cloud in the area of Great Dodd. They were located by team members and escorted safely from the fell. 5 Team members were involved for 3 hours.
Sheep Rescued from Heron Pike
Patterdale MRT assisted a local farmer to recover a Ewe which had become cragfast on Heron Pike. Five Patterdale and one Kendal team member were involved for 3.5 hours. The sheep was safely recovered and went along its way.
Fatal Fall From Striding Edge
At some time between 3 and 4pm on Friday 4th October a 24 year old man fell approximately 200m from Striding Edge and into Nethermost Cove. His companion descended to assist him and finding him unconscious and without a mobile phone signal continued his descent into Grisedale.
Man Falls 100ft from Auterstone Crag, Barton Fell
At 1732hrs on Monday 30th September Patterdale MRT were called to assist with the rescue and evacuation of a 26 year old man who had fallen approximately 100 feet from Auterstone Crag and down towards the path on the Ullswater side of Barton Fell
Couple unable to continue their walk due to exhaustion
At approximately 19:52 on Sunday 29th September Patterdale MRT were called to assist a couple who were unable to continue their walk. The team located the missing pair who were tired but uninjured and assisted them back to Patterdale MRT base.
Twisted Knee
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called today by police to assist a 17 yearr old girl from Cheshire who had injured her knee after becoming stuck in mud near Sheffield Pike. Her friends put her into a sleeping bag and tent to keep her warm while waiting for the Team to arrive.
Woman with ankle injury on High Street
At 1437 on Wednesday 18th September Patterdale MRT were called to assist a 45 year old woman who had fallen and injured her ankle. Whilst Patterdale and Penrith mountain rescue teams were assembling the Air Ambulance managed to reach the scene and evacuate the casualty to hospital in Carlisle.
Two walkers separated on Loadpot Hill
At around 1700 on Thursday 12th September, Patterdale MRT were called to assist two walkers from Rochdale who had become separated and lost in low cloud on Loadpot Hill. Both walkers were located safely and escorted from the fell by Team members.
Woman assisted from the fell
The Team were called by the Police to reports of 57 year old woman from Stockport who has suffered an epileptic fit on the zig-zag path above Kepple Cover. She had been walking with a group when the fit occured and had initially been assisted by a passing doctor.
Broken Ankle on Red Screes
At approximately 1410 on Wednesday 4th September Patterdale MRT were called to assist a woman who had fallen and broken her ankle on Red Screes, above the Kirkstone Pass Inn. The team assessed her on scene, administered pain relief then carried her down to a waiting ambulance.
Man reported missing on Gowbarrow Fell
A contractor working on the water supply on the fells above Lyulph's Tower was reported missing when he failed to arrive on site. The Team were called by the Cumbria Police but stood down almost immediately when he turned up safe and well.
16 year old suspected fractured ankle while Ghyll Scrambling
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called to the aid of a 16 year old with a suspected fractured ankle.The girl was ghyll scrambling with an organised party when the accident happened. Upon arrival at scene the team assessed the injury, gave pain relief and splinted the ankle before stretchering her off the fell to the waiting team land rover ambulance.
15 Year Old Falls From Tree
Patterdale MRT were called to assist HM Coastguard / North West Ambulance Service to evacuate a 15yr old male who had fallen from a tree while on Cherry Holme Island on lake Ullswater. The male was treated on scene for a suspected fractured arm by the Team Doctor and then evacuated using the Team's rigid rescue boat to the waiting ambulance for transfer to the Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.
Flashing Lights Seen on Fell
Shortly after 10pm the Police contacted the Team with reports of flashing lights seen on fell above Silver Crag. By the time the informant was interviewed the ligths had gone and a search from the road revealed no sign of anyone on the hill. In the absence of anyone reported missing or overdue the incident was closed.
Search for Missing Person High Street Area
At approximately 1945 Patterdale MRT were tasked to assist Penrith MRT with a search for a man missing in the High Street area. Whilst this search was starting a second person was reported missing. Both walkers turned up safe and well, but not where they should have been!
Man Fell 50 metres on Thornhow End, St Sunday Crag
At 16:40 on Sunday 11th August, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria police to rescue a man who had fallen approximately 50 metres from Thornhow End, near to St Sunday Crag.
Party of 8 lost
Both Patterdale and Keswick MRT were contacted by the Police after a party of 8 people including 4 children reported themselves lost on Helvellyn in cloud and heavy rain. After a discussion with the party by mobile phone it was established that they had ascended from Swirls car park at the north end of Thirlmere.
Assist NW Ambulance Service with casulty evacuation
Assist NW Ambulance Service with casualty evacuation
Fell walker with chest pain
The Police contacted the Team after receiving a call from a 50 year old solo walker complaining of chest pains who was on the fells south west of Angle Tarn. In view of the reported symptons assistance was immediately requested from the Great North Air Ambulance.
Man Collapses on Striding Edge
At approximately midday on Sunday 21st July, Patterdale MRT were called to assist a man who had collapsed on Striding Edge. The Great North Air Ambulance dropped a medic and paramedic on Helvellyn summit and then quickly flew team members to the scene. Sadly the man was pronounced dead on scene having suffered a suspected heart attack. The team's thoughts are with his friends and family.
Teenager with Chest Pain Rescued From The Fells
At 10:27 on Thursday 18th July Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called to assist a 14 year old girl who was suffering from chest pains. The Team requested the assistance of the Great North Air Ambulance which flew to within 300 metres of the casualty's location. Once the casualty had been assessed she was helped by the Team to the helicopter and flown to Patterdale's rescue centre.
Man picked up by team landrover after suffening painful back
At 1515 on Monday 15th July, Patterdale MRT were called to assist a man who had suffered a back injury whilst walking in Grisedale. The team drove to the man's location, assessed his condition and then drove him back to the rescue centre.
Reports of a Survival Bag on Headwall of Helvellyn
Just before midday on Monday 8th July, Patterdale MRT were called to investigate reports of an orange survival bag on the face of Helvellyn. Two team members ascended to the site and discovered that it was, indeed, just an empty bag. Callout with good intent. The bag was recovered...
Leg Injury On Lake Shore Path
The Team were contacted by Cumbria Police to come to the aid of a man in his early twenties who had sustained a serious cut just below his left knee whilest walking with friends on the path above Ullswater. 13 team member responded to the callout and launched the Teams rescue boat from Glenridding Pier.
Dog walker fractures ankle
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team rescued a 60yr old man from Preston who had been out walking with his dogs near Grisdale Tarn when he fell fracturing his ankle.
Fell Runner with suspected fractured ankle
During the Patterdale Country Fair fellrace a competitor suffered a suspected fractured ankle. The Team transferred the casualty to the Base for treatment before travelling to Lancaster A&E Department for further assessment.
Search for missing 12 year old
At about 15:15 the Team were called by Penrith MRT and asked to assist with a search for a missing 12 year old boy near Armathwaite. All 3 team landrovers were dispatched with swiftwater rescue equipment and a total of 15 personel.
Sheep Rescued From Crag
At the request of the local farmer 7 team members retrieved a lamb which had become cragfast on Thrang Crag.
RAF rescue helicopter assists team whilst on joint training
At approximately 4.00pm on Saturday 22nd June Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team received a call from Cumbria Police to assist a man who had fallen approximately 100 metres from Swirral Edge, Helvellyn.
64 Year Old Man Falls From Path
At approximately 1120hrs Patterdale MRT were called by North West Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty with suspected fall related injuries close to Aira force beck path above Aira force waterfalls.
2 lost on Caudale Moor
On Saturday 15 June 2013 at 19.45 Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the Police to go to the assistance of two people lost in low cloud and stormy weather on Caudale Moor, the team responded and three of its members located the couple cold, wet and hungry but otherwise in good spirits.
Head Injury Lake Shore Path
At approximately 1530hrs Patterdale MRT were called by North West Ambulance Service to assist with a casualty with suspected head injuries on the Lake Shore path beneath Birkfell.
Missing 6 year old
The Team were contacted by Police after a 6 year old boy was reported missing by his mother. The family had been walking the Lake Shore path from Howtown to Patterdale and the boy had run on ahead. On arriving at Side Farm his mother was concerned that he was not there.
Members of several MRT's assist Patterdale & Keswick Rescue Teams
At approximately 1400 on Tuesday 27th May, Keswick and Patterdale Mountain Rescue Teams were called by Cumbria Police to assist a woman who had injured a leg muscle near to the summit of Helvellyn.
Male walker suffers serious ankle injury
Male walker suffers suspected ankle fracture and dislocation whilst walking on Middle Dodd Fell above Brothers water.
Man Suffers Serious Knee Injury on Lake Shore Path
At 1400 on Saturday 10th May, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist a 59 year old man from Redcar who had slipped and seriously dislocated his knee.
Group lost on Helvellyn
At 1730 on Sunday 5th May, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called to assist four walkers who reported themselves lost on the summit of Helvellyn. A passing mountain biker kindly guided the walkers from the summit shelter to Thirlmere whilst the team were searching for the missing group.
Knee and Head Injury
Patterdale MRT were called by the Police to a report of a 55 year old man from Bedford who had suffered both a knee and Head injury while walking the Ullswater shore path between Sandwick and Patterdale.
Cold and Wet Teenager Assisted from the Fell
At 11:56 on Sunday 21st April Patterdale MRT were called to assist a sixteen year old girl who was cold and wet and unable to continue her walk. When the Team arrived the girl had managed to make her own way to the road at Aira Force and did not require any further assistance. Seven team members were involved for 1.5 hours.
Lady With Injured Knee
Patterdale mountain rescue team were contacted by the Police following the report of a 63 year old woman from Hertfordshire who had fallen and injured her knee whilst walking the Coast to Coast route between Grasmere and Patterdale.
Possible Heart Attack
The Team were called to assist Penrith Mountain Rescue Team following reports of a 60 year old man with pain in his chest and arm. The man was on the border between the two teams areas near Rest Dodd. 12 Patterdale team members responded and joined 2 parties from Penrith making their way up the fell towards the casualty's party in high winds.
Overdue Walker
The Team were called after a woman from Worcestershire failed to return at the expected time from a walk over St Sunday Crag, Fairfield and Hartsop Above How. She arrived back as the reporting person was being interviewed. The walk had simply taken longer than anticipated and she had been unable to let anyone know due to lack of mobile phone coverage.
Slip on snow and ice
At approximately 8pm on Sunday 7th April, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist a couple form Margate in Kent who became stuck on a steep snow slope on the West side of the Nab, above Bannerdale. One of the party had slipped and slid about 20m, suffering minor injuries.
Easter Sunday Rescue
At approximately 1530 on Sunday 31st March Patterdale Mountain Rescue were called to assist a female from Hertfordshire who had injured her ankle. The woman had slipped between High Dodd and Place Fell, above Patterdale in the Ullswater valley.
Party of 4 Rescued from St Sunday
At 1446 on 25th March 2013, Patterdale MRT were called to assist a party of four walkers on St Sunday Crag. One of their party had become exhausted by the winter conditons. The Great North Air Ambulance assisted with the evacuation.
Vehicle Stuck In Snow Drift
The Team were called by the Police after a vehicle became stuck in snow on the A5091. The four occupants were transported to safety by a passing 4x4 before the Team Landrover arrived. While returning to Base the team came across another road traffic incident at Glencoyne which had been caused by the weather conditions.
Shouts heard on fellside
While the previous incident was in progress the Team were called by the Police following a report of shouting heard coming from the fell above Patterdale. Three Team members were sent to investigate but nothing was found.
Man crag-fast descending Helvellyn
At approximately 15.00 hours, Patterdale mountain rescue team were called to assist a man who had become crag fast, after slipping and losing equipment and was unable to move. The man had suffered a hand injury when descending from Helvellyn and was unable to use his ice axe and continue his descent.
Party Overdue
A man reported his son and grandson overdue when they failed to return from a walk over Striding Edge. While the Team were gathering information from the reporting person the missing party made contact by phone having decended down the West side of Helvellyn in error.
Slip results in ankle injury
The Team were alerted to a third incident on St Sunday Crag while the previous one was still underway. The reports stated that a 47 year old walker from Oxfordshire had fallen, again on icy slopes, fracturing his ankle. Members of
A Busy day for Patterdale Team
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team attended three rescues on Satuarday 23rd February. The first two on incidents were on Helvellyn and the third on St Sunday Crag.
Team Members Assist Keswick MRT
The Team were alerted to an incident on the Thirlmere side of Helvellyn, where a father and son had fallen descending an icy path. Although the job was run by Keswick Mountain Rescue Team, it was attended by two Patterdale team members who were already out climbing on Helvellyn. Both father and son had sustained leg injuries and were eventually airlifted from scene by a Navy Sea King helicopter.
Boy Falls From Ridge
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called today to attend a boy who had fallen from Swirral Edge, Helvellyn. The boy, a 10 year old from Preston, was climbing down the ridge with his father, when he slipped on a steep snow slope and fell approximately 50m.
Shouts Heard
The Police contacted the Team after shouts were reported from the Grisedale Valley. Two team members drove up to investigate and discovered that the local shepherds had been gathering stock on both sides of the valley. The informant was contacted and it was agreed that this was probably what had been heard
Collapsed walker on shore path
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were today called to assist a woman with a reported epileptic fit near Ullswater.
Broken Leg on icy path
Patterdale Mountain Rescue team were called today to go the assistance of a man who had slipped on an icy path near Ullswater. The 39 year old, from Carlisle, was walking at Aira Force when he slipped, resulting in a suspected fracture dislocation of his right leg.
Sheep rescue
A local farmer reported a sheep stuck on a ledge on a crag to the west side of Kirkstone top. Three team members went to retrieve it, but found the ledge empty. On further investigation an injured sheep was found close to the foot of the crag. It was carried from the fell and returned to the farmer.
Search On High Street
Patterdale Mountain rescue team were called to support Penrith MRT in a search for two missing people and their dog who had become lost in fading light on High Street. Penrith team were searching from the Haweswater side where the couple’s car was located and Patterdale teams searched from Hayeswater Dam up towards the Knott.
Hayeswater Dam
Team members assisted a fell runner who had tripped and had deep cut on his right knee. He was able to walk down to a team vehicle at Hayeswater dam.
Second Incident On New Year's Day
At 17:16 Patterdale MRT received a second call of the day and New Year from the Police. The team were tasked to search for a couple who had left Sykeside Campsite before lunch to go for a fellwalk but had become lost once darkness fell and dialled 999 for assistance. The team dispatched two search parties including 2 search dogs to the area of Scandale Pass.
New Year’s Day rescue
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team started the New Year with a rescue on Birkhouse Moor, Helvellyn. The team were called by the Police at 10am to go to the assistance of two walkers out for a New Years day walk. The walkers from the NE were on their way up Hellvellyn when one of them slipped injuring his ankle.