All 2012 Incidents

There were 52 incidents in 2012.

Lady Collapses Exhausted
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called at 15:00 to assist a 65 year old woman who had collapsed 500m south of High Street summit. 8 team members responded and proceeded towards the casualty site by landrover and on foot. The Great North Air Ambulance also responded, landing close to the casualty site and then flying the lady to Cumberland Infirmary at Carlisle.
Man Fallen From Swirral Edge
Patterdale Mountain Rescue team were called today, Saturday 10th November, to reports of a walker who had slipped and fallen on Swirral Edge, Helvellyn. The casualty, a 60 year old man from Lincolnshire, was walking with his daughter when he fell approximately 100ft sustaining serious head and multiple other injuries. The team were assisted by the air ambulance and a Seaking from RN Prestwick
Trail runner with ankle injury
Patterdale Mountain Rescue team were called to help evacuate a runner from this weekends Helvellyn Trail Run. The gentleman sustained an ankle injury while competing in Sundays run from Howtown to Glenridding.
Continuation of the search from the previous day
The Police requested that the Team extend its search for the missing man to include the course of the local streams and the surrounding hills and woodland. In addition to Team members on foot and the Lake District Search Dogs a number of search dogs from SARDA England who happened to be on a training exercise in Patterdale were involved. 20 search dogs and 14 team members combed the area.
Search for missing man
The team were called by the Police to assist with a search for a missing man. 17 team members and 4 search dogs spent 4hr searching the paths and woods close to Glenridding but nothing was found. The team were stood down at nightfall by the Police while they persue other lines of enquiry.
Injured Teenager
Patterdale MRT were called by the police to respond to a report of a boy aged 17 who had fallen while walking on Swirral Edge Helvellyn. On speaking further with the casualty site, while the team were assembling, it transpired that the incident was actually on Sharp Edge Blencathra. At which point the job was passed over to Keswick team.
Heart Attack In Deepdale
The Team were called by Police after a 75 year old man collapsed with a suspected heart attack whilest walking in Deepdale. An Air Ambulance and NWAS vehicle were also tasked to the incident which was a short way beyond the road head. The man was treated by paramedics and flown to James Cook Hospital whilest his partner was accompanied back the Ogilvie House by team members.
Fractured ankle - Hallin Fell
23 year old teacher from Carlisle with an injured ankle near the summit of Hallin Fell
Gentleman Assisted From The Fell
At 15:50 the Team were tasked by the Police to assist an 83yr old male from South Cumbria who had become unwell whilst walking from Glenridding to Howtown. The gentleman had become tired and was unable to continue with his walk. He was treated at the scene by an ambulance paramedic before being taken by mountain rescue ambulance to a waiting land ambulance at Sandwick.
Missing Teanagers
A member of the public walked into Base as the Hodgson Relay was coming to an end to report that he had lost two 14 year olds who had been watching part of the race. The Team, who had competed in the event, were placed on standby but the two boys turned up during initial investigations.
Search for a Burglar Alarm
The Team were called after a member of the public in Watermillock reported seeing a constant flashing light over Ullswater; possibly on Hallin Fell. On investigation it was discovered that the light was actually from a burglar alarm on a house in Glencoyne!
Fall while scrambling
The Team were called at 15:56 to assist a 30 year old man from Derby who had fallen approximately 10m while scrambling with his partner on slabs above Greenhow End in Deepdale. The gentleman had sustained a severe head injury and his partner had begun basic first aid.
Howling Dog
The Police alerted the Team after a report was received of a dog howling near to Red Tarn. A team search dog handler who was training went to investigate but nothing was found.
Broken Arm On Striding Edge
The Police alerted the Team after a man fell and fractured his arm on Striding Edge. Passers by, including a paramedic, came to his assistance splinting his arm and beginning to walk him off the hill. The team planned to walk up and meet the descending party however the NW Ambulance Service dispatched the Blackpool Air Ambulance and picked the casualty up from the Eastern end of Striding Edge.
Missing Walker
The Police contacted the Team following a report of a walker who had gone missing descending from the summit of St Sunday Crag. The walker, a 24 year old from Bradford, had become separated from his two friends who were then concerned for his welfare given the nature of the terrain.
Walk In Casualty
An Australian couple on the C2C route walked into the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team Base while two team members were maintaining kit. The lady had fallen on the path injuring her arm, however they had been unable to call for assitance as their their Australian mobile phone did not work.
Overdue Male
Police contacted the Team after a man reported his friend overdue. He had last seen him at Hole in the Wall and they had agreed to meet up back at the Patterdale Hotel. It appears that the missing man had descended down the Thirlmere side of Helvellyn. The mis-understanding was resolved before the team had assembled for a search.
Jaw injury
Patterdale Mountain Rescue team were called by the Police to attend an incident at Aira Force. A 66 year old man from Brighton was reported to have slipped while crossing the stream – landing awkwardly.
Ankle injury
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the Police on Sunday evening to rescue a man from Hedden on the Wall. The man was descending with his family from Grisedale Tarn towards Patterdale, when he slipped, injuring his leg.
Dog fall - Swirral Edge
The team were called on Friday afternoon by the Police after a female walker reported hearing cries for help coming from Swirral Edge
Head injury on Fairfield
17 yr old youth with head injury on Fairfield
Paraglider crashed on Whinny Crag above Ullswater.
The team were called on Friday afternoon by the Police to attend to a 68yr old Paraglider pilot who had crashed below Arthur’s Pike above Ullswater. The man had crashed onto a rocky outcrop and fractured his collarbone. The team secured the area and prepared the casualty for a stretcher lift into a RAF sea king. The RAF sea king from Leconfield flew the casualty to Cumbria Infirmary Carlisle
Camper Stretchered from the Fell
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were contacted at 5:50am by the Police to assist a 60 year old man from Hertfordshire who was camping in Brown Cove and suffering with severe leg pains. Twelve members of the team went to his assistance. After assessing him the Team stretchered him down to the Landrover Ambulance and drove him back to the Rescue Centre.
Man with Back Injury
The team were called by the Police to assist a land ambulance attending an incident involving a man with back injuries on the track beyond Hartsop village. The team responded and the incident was completed within an hour.
Search For Missing Man
The Team spent several days searching for a 44 year old man from Chesterfield after a team member noticed his car parked in a lay-bye beside Ullswater.
Concern for overdue walker
The Police called the Team afer a woman raised concern for her husband who had failed to contact her at the end of his days walk. After investigation it was decided not to launch a full scale search until he failed to make an agreed meeting later in the week. He made contact the following day and it emerged that he had been camping in an area without mobile phone coverage.
Police Request Advice Regarding Overdue Walker
The Police contacted the Team to request specialist advice concerning an apparently overdue Coast To Coast walker. After interviewing the reporting person by phone and reviewing the situation the leadership team passed the incident back to the Police for further investigation before launching a search. At 07:30 the walker turned up asleep in his intended campsite but with his phone switched off!
Royal Landrover in action during the Jubilee
A Landover given as a wedding present to Prince William and Kate and then donated to Patterdale Mountain Rescue team was in action while Jubilee celebrations were going on around the country.
Overdue walkers
The team were alerted by the Police following a report of two overdue walkers. The two women, part of a larger group staying at Patterdale Youth Hostel, had not been seen since midday near Red Tarn, Helvellyn. However, the two women turned up as the team were formulating a search plan.
Assistance At Road Traffic Collision
Whilst the team were clearing up from the previous incident they were informed of a minor road traffic collision between the Rescue Centre and Glenridding. The driver, a 62 year old woman had suffered a deep cut to her upper left arm. She was treated and then transported with her passenger back to the Rescue Centre to await the arrival of the Police and County Ambulance.
Lady Collapsed At Hayeswater Pump-house
Patterdale MRT were called to assist NW ambulance with the evacuation of an 67 year old lady after she collapsed near Hayeswater pump house. She was assessed and transported from the fell in Team landrover ambulance down to a waiting County ambulance who took her to Cumberland infirmay for further treatment
Capsized Canoe
Nine members of Patterdale MRT responded to a call from the Police reporting shouts for help from 2 people who's canoe had capsized in the middle of Ullswater. The team RIB was launched but by the time it arrived on seen the pair had swum ashore. Paddles and other equipment was retrieved from the lake and the 2 casualties were taken by NHS ambulance to hospital suffering from hypothermia.
Overdue walker
The team were called by the Police to search for an overdue walker. The man, a 67 year old from Australia, was walking on the coast to coast route and had been expected to arrive a number of hours before the call. Despite having set off early from his B&B, the man was significantly overdue and the rest of his party had raised the alarm when they couldn’t raise him on the phone.
C2C walker unable to continue
A 75 year old man walking the Coast To Coast route pulled a muscle in his lower back on day 4 of his walk and was unable to continue. Two members of the team drove up the valley in a team landrover ambulance and transported the gentleman to his overnight accommodation in Patterdale.
Broken Ankle at Hayeswater
The team were called by police to the assistance of a woman from Preston who had slipped and fractured her ankle near Hayeswater dam. Members of the team drove to the dam in their 4x4 landrover ambulance, treated the woman at the scene then carried her by stretcher to the landrover. She was driven back to the Rescue Centre and transfered to CIC by county ambulance.
Ankle Injury on lake shore Path
Today at 14.42 Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team where called by the Police to assist a 73 yr old man from Leicestershire. The gentleman had injured his ankle.
Search for a 64yr old male
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team where called by the Police to search for a 64yr old walker from Bishop Auckland
Overdue C2C walker
On Sunday morning at 10:30am Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the police to search for a missing Coast to Coast walker.
The Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the police to the assistance a 70yr old woman who had been investigating an old ice house and had fallen into the ice chamber.
Youth With Back Injury
The Team were contacted by the Police to assist an 18 year old from Durham complaining of back pain whilst on an organised expedition. After a short search involving Team members and the Great North Air Ambulance, the casualty was located in the Grisdale valley and transported by Landrover Ambulance back to the teams Rescue Centre before being taken by the organisers to Penrith Hospital.
Man Falls from Swirral Edge
The Team were called by the Police to assist 46 year old man who had fallen from Swirral Edge on Helvellyn. He had sustained head and rib injuries. The Air Ambulance assisted by ferrying equipment and personel to the summit of the mountain. However, due to the nature of the terrain a Sea King attended and the casualty was winched from the scene and flown to hospital in Carlisle.
Striding Edge Fall
Patterdale Mountain rescue team were called to the assistance of a 44 year old male who had fallen approximately 50m from the summit of Striding Edge on Helvellyn.
Collapsed Man In Glenridding
Two team members who were at Base responded after a man collapsed in Glenridding. The provided first aid until the ambulance arrived.
Hillwalker rescued from Hartsop Dodd
Patterdale Mountain rescue team were today called to the assistance of a 66 year old man who had injured his leg while walking on Hartsop Dodd. The man, an experienced walker from South Shields, had tripped and had sustained a suspected broken ankle.
The Police contacted Patterdale MRT with a report that a walker had been seen falling from near the summit of Helvellyn into Red Tarn basin. While the team were mobilising, further information was received to say that the casualty was uninjured.
Walkers lost in the mist on Helvellyn
At 10:30am on Sunday 12th February Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist a group of walkers lost in the mist on Helvellyn. Whilst the team were responding the mist cleared and they managed to get themselves to safer ground.
Ankle Injury
The team were alerted by the Police to a walker who had slipped injuring his ankle while descending High Dodd. The team deployed onto the fell, however, the walker was subsequently airlifted from the fell by the air ambulance.
Search For Solo Walker
A solo male walker triggered a search when he failed to contact his wife at the end of a walk. He was eventually found asleep in Borrowdale at 02:30am.
Man Found Dead On Fell
The Police contacted the Team after a report of a body having been found on Gowbarrow Fell. Team members secured the site while the Police completed their investigations at the scene. The team then evacuated the casualty from the Fell.
Dog Rescue Above Kirkstone Pass
Patterdale MRT were contacted by the Police with reports of an injured dog stuck on an icy ledge above Kirkstone pass. Five team members who were on exercise diverted to recover the dog. The dog was passed into the care of a vet and its owners were identified from its ID chip. The dog was treated by the vet and returned to the grateful family the following day.
Search & rescue
A hotelier in Patterdale, who is also a team member, reported that a guest was significantly overdue. The man, who had said he was intending to walk in the Helvellyn range, had promised to call the hotel if he was delayed. No call was received and the man's mobile was unanswered. The weather throughout the day had seriously deteriorated and there was concern for the man’s wellbeing.
Hallin Fell
On Weds 4th January at 12.20pm Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the Police to a 35yr old male descending Hallin Fell, Ullswater. The man who had slipped on the very wet and muddy grass had suffered a fractured leg. The man, from Shrewsbury, was also very cold and wet.