All 2011 Incidents

There were 42 incidents in 2011.

Lake Search for Wedding Guests
Patterdale MRT were contacted by the Police at about 05:00 to assist in searching for two hotel guests who were missing in a yacht on Ulswater following a wedding reception. After a short search involving the Fire Service and other agencies the Team found the boat at Falling Rocks and the guests were apprehended.
Broken ankle in Grisedale valley
At 1615 hrs Cumbria police called Patterdale mountain rescue to the aid of a 60 year old female from Warrington who sustained a suspected fracture to her left ankle whilst walking in the Grisedale valley.
Fell Runner Injures Leg above Glenridding Beck
At approximately 15:30 Cumbria Police requested the Team to rescue a woman who had fallen whilst taking part in an organised fell race. She had broken her leg and was in severe pain. She was treated on scene, given pain relief, and transported from the mountain by stretcher.
Ullswater Lake shore rescue
Patterdale Mountain rescue Team went to the assistance of an 89 year old gentleman who had tumbled from the Ullswater lake footpath.
Radio Relay For Keswick MRT
The team's call out initiator assisted Keswick MRT by acting as radio relay for 3.5 hours while they searched for a man in the Bowscale area.
Road traffic collision
Whilst the previous incident was running members were prevented from getting to the rescue centre by a road traffic accident.
Cumbria Police requested Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team to assist a woman experiencing a possible anaphylactic reaction.
Cycle crash on Kirksone pass
Cyclist in high speed crash on Kirkston pass
Falling rock hits young walker
A seven year old boy was hit on the foot by a falling rock whilst scaling Striding edge.
18 Year Old Man Fitting in Grisedale, Ulslwater
At 19:45, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the Police to assist an 18 year old man who was fitting at a bothy in Grisedale, Ullswater. He was carried on a stretcher to the Team's Landrover Ambulance, transferred to a NW Ambulance, and taken to Cumbria Infirmary.
Missing Runners In Charity Event
The Team were contacted by the Police at about 16:30 to look for a pair of runners taking part in a multi day charity event who had failed to check in at an event control on Sticks Pass. The team were put on standby but were stood down when contact was made with the runners who were by then on Fairfield. They were finally confirmed as off the fell at 19:29
Canoeist Rescued from the River Eamont, near Penrth
On the afternoon of Sunday 11th September, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team assisted Cumbria Police with an incident on the river Eamont, near Penrith. A young man was rescued from the river and flown by air ambulance to hospital in Newcastle, where he died later. PMRT would like to express its sincerest condolences to his family and friends at this very sad time.
Missing Walker on Helvellyn
At approximately 8pm, Keswick and Patterdale Mountain Rescue Teams were alerted to a missing walker on Helvellyn. Whilst the team were assembling the missing person turned up safe and well having descended down the wrong side of the mountain.
Coast to coast walker broken leg
Leg injury above side farm Patterdale
Lake Search
At 1700hrs The Team was tasked by Cumbria Police via the Coastguard to a mayday call from a Yacht on Ullswater. The Yacht was reported as sinking in Howtown bay so the teams’ boat was quickly dispatched to the area.
Man Falls on Thornhow End
The team were called by the Police to a 74 year old man who had fallen about 100ft close to Thornhow End on St Sunday Crag. He had sustained injuries to his head and chest and was treated by the team and a paramedic from the Pride Of Cumbria Air Ambulance. A RAF Seaking was requested to evaculate the casualty and he was winched from the fell and flown to Cumberland Infirmary in Carlisle.
Over Due Party On Helvellyn
At 22:27 the Police contacted the Team with details of a party of 7 (3 adults and 4 children aged 14,11,8 and 6) who were overdue having set out for a walk up Helvellyn from Glenridding Pier. The Team were openning up the Rescue Centre and gather the necessary information to begin a search when the party turned up.
40 Year Old Male Slips at Aira Force
At approximately 1255 on Saturday 20th August, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist the NW Ambulance Service. A 40 year old man had slipped and injured his shoulder at Aira Force. 12 members of the team were responding to the incident when a second call from the Police confirmed that the man had been evacuated by the Ambulance Service.
Ankle Injury
At approximately 1615 on Tuesday 16th August, Patterdale Mountain Rescue team was called to assist a 17 year old girl from Maidstone, Kent. She had slipped and injured her ankle whilst walking with a group of friends from Ambleside to Patterdale. Sixteen members of the Team ascended to Hartsop above How, where they located the girl cold and wet. She was assessed and stretchered from the fell.
Over Due Sailor On Ullswater
During the previous incident the Police reported an inexperienced sailor who had taken a small launch out from Howtown some time before 18:00 and had not returned. A PC was sent to interview the reporting person while the Team boat crew were put on standby. By the time the PC met the reporting person the launched had "drifted" back to the Pier, having broken down in the middle of the Lake.
Lights seen near Priest's Hole
The Team were called at about 22:45 when members of the public reported seeing flashing lights on Dovedale from Brotherswater Inn. On investigation it emerged that a car was parked overnight at the Inn and a group were camping or biviing near Priest's Hole. No further lights were seen and incident was closed.
Rescue Team use Blackberry to Locate Missing Woman
At approximately 1545 on Friday 12th August, Patterdale MRT were called by Cumbria Police to search for a woman who had become lost between Howtown and Patterdale. She was located by team members, safe and well at the head of Boredale.
Group lost in mist
Patterdale MRT were called by the Police to assist a group of 7 young people lost in low cloud on Wether Hill. However by the time contact was made they had met up with their supervisor.
Ankle Injury on Nethermost Pike.
The Team were requested to assist a woman who had injured her ankle on the ridge path between Nethermost Pike and Dollywaggon Pike. After assessment and splinting the woman was stretchered down towards Dunmail Raise. Once below the cloud level the Air Ambulance was able to meet the stretcher party and evacuate the casualty to hospital in Carlisle.
Walkers crag fast on Helvellyn headwall.
Cumbria Police requested Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team to aid 2 walkers from Leeds who had become misplaced and on very steep ground.
Walker trips, injuring her head
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the police to assist a 52yr old woman from Carlisle, who had tripped while out for a walk in Grisedale.
Woman falls 30 metres from footpath
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called today, Friday 1st July, to the assistance of a woman who had fallen down a rock outcrop close to the village of Glenridding.
Woman Collapsed On The Fell
Cumbria Police requested Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team to assist a 52 year old lady from Pontefract who had collapsed whilst walking with her family above Ullswater. 15 members of the Team responded and treated the lady at the scene. She was evacuated off the fell and the NW Air Ambulance flew her to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle for further assessment and treatment.
First Aid At the Country Fair
Whilst attending the Patterdale Country Fair the Team provided first aid treatment to two fell runners and a young boy.
Biker Glenridding
As members of a number of Lake District Teams were returning to the Patterdale MRT base at the end of a Rigging for Rescue course. The land rovers were flagged down by the roadside to assist a female who had fallen from her bike
Woman falls on Lake-shore path
The Team were called to assist a 57 year old woman who had fallen while walking the lake-shore path between Sandwick and Patterdale. The air ambulance had landed near by, but due to the location of the casualty and the terrain, the best evacuation route was via the lake. The woman was treated and transferred in the rescue boat back to Patterdale.
Knee Injury
At approx. 13:00 the Police contacted the Team requesting assistance for a 22 year old woman who had aggrevated an old knee injured. She was a member of a family party who had been walking at the head of Deepdale. The NW Air Ambulance also responded to the incident and uplifted 8 team members on to the fell. The woman's leg was splinted and she was flown to Furness General Hospital.
Sheep Rescue At Falling Rocks
Seven team members were involved in the rescue of a sheep which had become cragfast on a ledge above the A592 at Falling Rocks.
25 Year Old Female Injures Knee
At approximately 17:30 Cumbria Police requested the Team to assist a 25 year old woman who had been walking with a group from Coventry and had injured her knee while descending from Helvellyn. The woman was located on the track above Greenside and transported to the Team's Rescue Centre by landrover ambulance. She was assessed by the team doctor and no further treatment was required.
Missing Canoeist Rescued From Ullswater
At approximately 0845 on 6th April, Patterdale MRT responded to a call to search for a missing canoeist. The man and his friend were in a two man kayak which capsized on the lake. His friend had reached the shore to raise the alarm. Sadly the man was pronounced dead at hospital later this morning.
Walkers lost in cloud
Patterdale mountain rescue team were called by the Police to search for two walkers lost while walking the Fairfield horseshoe. The walkers on holiday from Manchester and Surrey, had set off from Ambleside but had become disorientated on the ridge in poor visibility (while sunny in the valley bottom, the ridges were shrouded in cloud).
79 Year old woman rescued from Silver Point.
At approximately 1400 on Saturday 5th March, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by the police to rescue a 79 year old woman with reported head injuries. The woman had fallen over a rock whilst walking on the lakeside path between Howtown to Glenridding.
74 Year Old Man Rescued from Place Fell
At approximately 1600 on Wednesday 23rd February Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called by the police to assist a 74 year old man from Croydon, Surrey. The man who was walking with his family on Place Fell had slipped on muddy ground and fractured his ankle.
Mother and son reported missing on Hart Crag
Whilst the Team were clearing up after the previous incident Cumbria Police contacted us to report a mother and son missing in the Hart Crag area. Minutes later they turned up safe and well and the Team were able to go home for their tea.
Local Man Assisted Home
At approximately 1520 on Tuesday 22nd February Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist an 81 year old local man who had become unsteady on his feet whilst out for his daily walk. He was relatively close to home and unhurt. Members of the Team stretchered the man to a Landrover Ambulance and transported him to his local GP in Glenridding.
Dog Survives Aira Force Fall
At 14:20 on Sunday 20th February, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist with the rescue of a dog which had fallen from the footbridge above Aira Force. Just as the Team made initial telephone contact with the informing person, the dog was recovered unhurt from the water and the Team were stood down.
Couple Lost on St Sunday Crag
At approximately 1520 on 31st January, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was called to search for two walkers who had become disorientated in thick mist on St Sunday Crag.