All 2009 Incidents

There were 72 incidents in 2009.

Vehicles Stuck on Kirstone Pass (A592)
On 30th December 2009 Pattedale MRT was tasked by Cumbria Police to ascend the Northern side of the Kirstone Pass (A592) to ensure that people were not benighted in vehicles stuck in snow. PMRT members met with Langdale Ambleside Mountain Rescue Team members who had cleared the Southern side of the pass and found two abandoned cars. The road was clearly impassable safely by vehicle.
Motorist stuck on Kirkstone Pass
A 2am call from the Police requested the assistance of the team to rescue a driver trapped in wintry conditions on the Kirkstone Pass. The woman was stranded and cold and had called 999 for assistance.
Outdoor course student evacuation
On Friday 27th November at 6.50am the team were called by NWAS (Ambulance Control) to assist with the evacuation of a student at an outdoor centre. The normal route was flooded and the NWAS ambulance was initially unable to reach the site.
Van Driver Rescued From Flood
The team were called to rescue a van driver trapped in flood water somewhere on the Ullswater lake road. After a short search the van was located in a flooded section of road near Watermillock close to the incident on Thursday night. The man, a non swimmer, was shaken but well.
Flood Rescue
The team was called to the aid of four women trapped in a vehicle in the Patterdale Valley. The women were found to be well but cold and were evacuated from their vehicle to a local hotel to be warmed up.
Flood Response
Together with Penrith Fire and Rescue, Patterdale Mountain Rescue team was tasked to check all the river side properties between Eamont Bridge and Pooley Bridge.
Flood Evacuation
The team was tasked to assist with house checking and evacuation at Eamont Bridge. Swift water trained personnel performed house to house checks and assisted the numerous other agencies in ferrying people to dry land.
Flood Rescue
The team was tasked to rescue two people, one with a medical condition, from their flooded house in Pooley Bridge. Swift water trained personnel accessed the property and transported the stranded occupants to safety with the aid of a local tractor.
Flood Rescue
The team was called to assist with the rescue of a mother, son and their dog trapped in floodwater in a vehicle on the lake road near Watermillock. This was a joint operation in darkness, high water and winds with local Ambulance, Fire and Rescue teams. The people were recovered, shocked but well and transferred to a nearby hotel.
Initial Response To Cumbrian Flooding
The team was put on standby by the Police to assist with the Cumbria flood response. This required moving the team vehicles and boat to high ground as all access roads to the base were soon impassable due to the lake flooding the roads. The team was then tasked by the police to move sandbags.
Duke of Edinburgh Award student
On Sunday 15th November Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to evacuate a D of E student who had slipped and badly gashed his knee on a rock
Search on Helvellyn
On Saturday 14th November 14 members of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team together with two SARDA search dogs responded to a call from the Police to search the area of Red Tarn after a report from a military group of shouts in the area.
Walker pulled from water, Aira Force, Ullswater
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were today called to extract a 79 year old man who had fallen into the water at Aira Force.
Incident At Aira Force
A young child was reported to be in the water at Aira Force. Fortunately, by the time members of the team attended the incident , the child had been rescued by its parents. The child was treated by ambulance crew and then taken to Penrith Hospital.
Fall from Striding Edge
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called today to attend a woman who had fallen off Striding Edge, Helvellyn. Initial information provided by the Police indicated the woman had fallen 20 to 30 feet, was now sat in a precarious location and had sustained an injury to her head. Given the nature of her injuries, the team requested assistance from the air ambulance.
Vehicle Stuck
A call was receieved to assist two off road drivers on the Old Coach Road Their vehicle had become bogged in deep mud.
Second Casulaty Rescued from Grisedale
During incident 55 Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team came across a woman with a broken arm on the path to Grisedale Tarn. Members of the Team, on route to the first casualty, were diverted to treat and evacuate the injured woman from the mountain in gale force winds.
Two Walkers Rescued from Grisedale
On Saturday 3rd October, sixteen members of Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team rescued two walkers from the Grisedale Tarn area. Weather conditions were poor, in accordance with the severe weather warning which had been issued for the Cumbrian Fells for Saturday forecasting gale force winds and rain.
45 yr old man slipped close to Red Tarn Helvellyn
A 45 yr old man slipped close to Red Tarn Helvellyn and the Team were requested to attend by Ambulance Control via the Police.
Major Search on Helvellyn
Patterdale and Keswick Mountain Rescue Teams, supported by the Search & Rescue Dog Association, launched a major search for two walkers, thought to be missing in the Helvellyn area. The missing people turned up safe at their B&B having spent an uncomoftable night on a different mountain.
Duke of Edinburgh Award Students
On Wednesday 26th August the team was called by the police to locate and assist a group of six Students taking part in a Duke of Edinburgh's Award Expedition who were unable to continue their walk due to bad weather conditions.
Overdue Walker
The team were called to locate an overdue walker and his 10 year old companion. The walkers shoes had dis-integrated whilst decending from Red Tarn which slowed his progress. The pair were located by a team member investigating the incident.
Missing Canoeist
On Thursday 20th August a report was received from a team member that an outdoor group, who were canoeing the river Goldril, had lost a member of the party.
Up turned sailing vessel on Ullswater
On Wednesday 19th August H.M Coast Guard requested the team to attend an upturned sailing vessel with persons in the water
Woman Falls from Striding Edge and is Caught by Passing Walker
On Sunday 9th August, at around 15:00, a 47 year old woman from Suffolk fell approximately 3m from Striding Edge. She was caught by a passing walker who was on the path below. During her fall she sustained an injury to her shin and was unable to make her own way off Helvellyn. She was treated on the scene by the Team Doctor and evacuated to Patterdale MRT base.
Woman Slips and Injures Ankle near Ruthwaite Lodge, Grisedale
At 13:30 on Tuesday 4th August Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist a 54 year old woman from South Africa. The woman had slipped on a wet footpath and sustained an injury to her ankle. She was treated on the mountain, evacuated to Patterdale MRT base and later transferred to hospital by a North West Ambulance.
Student slips on wet fellside
On Tuesday 28th July the Team were called to assist a student on an outdoor course who had slipped and fractured a rib. He was with an instructor led party at Deepdale Hause. The 16 year old was unable to descend due to sever pain and breathing difficulties.
Woman Falls and Sustains Ankle Injury on St. Sunday Crag, Patterdale
On Saturday 25th July Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist a 31 year old woman from Surrey. She had fallen and damaged her ankle on descent from St. Sunday Crag after successfully climbing Pinnacle Ridge a little while earlier. 13 members of the Rescue Team assisted in her evacuation to Patterdale where she was transferred to an Ambulance and taken to Carlisle Infirmary.
Rescue Team Member Evacuated from the Fell
Whilst attending incident No 43 a member of Penrith Mountain Rescue Team sustained an injured ankle. Members of several other mountain rescue teams were retasked to administer first aid and evacuate the man by stretcher. The Team Member was then transferred to a North West Ambulance and taken to hospital.
Young Woman Evacuated from Lower Man, Helvellyn
At approximately 3pm, on 24th July, Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were tasked to evacuate a young woman from the summit of Lower Man, Helvellyn. The woman was suffering with pain from an old injury and was therefore unable to make her own way off the mountain. Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team was assisted by members of several other Lake District Mountain Rescue Teams.
Woman on Horseback Lost on High Street, Cumbria
On the 23rd July 2009, Cumbria Police called Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team to search for a missing woman who was traveling from Bowness-on-Windermere to Askham, near Penrith on horseback. The missing person turned up safe and well at Haweswater whilst the team was beginning their search. Penrith Mountain Rescue Team assisted with this search.
Ankle injury on descent from Sheffield Pike to Greenside Mines, Ullswater
On Thursday 23rd July at 17.00 a lady from Bristol slipped on the wet path above Gree heard a cracking sound and felt pain. A passing walker carried her to the track. Two team memers attended and adminisered 1st aid and then transferred her to their base. A North west Ambulance then transferred her to Carlisle Infirmary for further treatment
Polish Tourist Fractures Lower Leg on Descent from Red Tarn
On Sunday 19th July Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist a 61 year old Polish woman who had fallen and fractured her leg whilst descending from Red Tarn, Helvellyn. The Team adminstered pain relef and re-aligned her foot before evactuating her from the mountain.
Fractured ankle on Hartsop above How path
Patterdale mountain Rescue team were called today, Saturday 11th July, to attended an incident at the lower section of the Hartsop above How path. The call, via the Police, reported a casualty who had slipped and injured her leg. On reaching the scene, the team found that the casualty, a 66 year old woman from Bournemouth, had sustained a fracture dislocation to her left ankle.
Over Due Coast To Coast Walker
A woman walking the Coast to Coast path was reported over due by Greenbank Farm after leaving her B&B in Rydal at 09:30. She was discovered on the road by a team member during the initial investigation of the incident.
Man With Heat Exhaustion
As the Team were packing their kit away at the end of the previous rescue a member of the public approached the Team to assist a man who appeared to be suffering from heat exhaustion. The man was treated on scene and taken to the rescue base where his condition improved.
Man Collapsed on Lake Shore Path
On Saturday 27th June Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called by Cumbria Police to assist a man who had collapsed, and was fitting, near to Howtown, on the Ullswater lake shore path.
Unconcious casualty - Lake shore path
On Wednesday 24th June the Team were called by North West Ambulance Service to attend an 85 year old male who had fallen, hit his head and was unconcious. The man's airway was being maintained by his son who was a doctor
Suspected heart attack - Helvellyn
Sunday 14th June 2009 Patterdale Mountain rescue team were called to attended a man with a suspected heart attack near Striding Edge, Helvellyn. The casualty, a 54 year old man with a history of heart trouble, was walking on the path between Red Tarn and Hole in the Wall when he became ill.
Ankle injury at Aira Force
Nine members of the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called to assist a member of the public whom had fallen, sustaining an ankle injury at Aira force. After treatment at the scene the team evacuated the casualty by stretchered to his vehicle from which point his family were able to drive him to hospital.
Flashing Lights above Brotherswater
On wednesday 27th May at 11.20 pm the Team were called by the police to investigate a report of flashing lights high on the fell toward Dove Crag
Whistles on Helvellyn
On Wednesday afternoon the Team were asked to investigate what a member of the public had believed to be distress whistle in the area around the summit of Helvellyn. After interviewing the informant and sending personnel onto the fell it was decided that no further action was required and the team were stood down.
17 yr old female cragfast
A 17yr old girl became stuck on Striding Edge close to the ‘bad step’. The girl was uninjured but unwilling to move up or down from her position. The Team were returning from the previous incident so members were again despatched to the scene and with the security of a rope the girl was coaxed into moving. The party were brought down to Greenside and back to Patterdale.
Man slipped on wet rock above Aira Force and dislocated shoulder
a 68yr old male from Clifton in Bedfordshire slipped on wet and greasy rock close to the beck. He dislocated his shoulder and was given pain relief by the Team and his arm was splinted before being placed on a stretcher and hoisted via a pulley system to flatter ground. The North West Air Ambulance air lifted to Barrow Furness General Hospital. The Penrith Team assisted with the evacuation.
Woman over due from Striding Edge
A 20 yr old American woman had become lost whilst descending from Striding Edge Helvellyn. The family group had split up and missed each other having agreed to meet up by the Hole in the Wall area. The Team met with the party and as the search was being formulated the girl arrived safe and well at Glenridding.
18 Year Old Man Rescued from Priest Hole, Dovedale
The Team were called to evacuate an 18 year old male from Priest Hole, Dovedale. The young man had slipped in the cave and sustained a painful knee injury which prevented him from moving.
Hypothermia on Helvellyn
Patterdale Mountain Rescue Team were called today by the Police to go to the assistance of a walker on the Glenridding - Helvellyn path. The 18 year old from Wakefield was on a Duke of Edinburgh practice expedition and was reported to be suffering from Hypothermia.
Chest injuries after trip over tent peg
The team were called to a group of students from Nottingham camping on the valley side over looking Ullswater as part of an expedition with an outdoor centre. One of the group, a 14 year old girl, tripped on tent peg and landed on a rock causing injuries to her ribs. 17 team members attended and after treating the girl stretchered her to the road for transfer in Team and County ambulance to CIC.
Collapsed Dog Rescue
The team launched its boat to rescue a 6 stone Old English Sheepdog which had collapsed on the path to Patterdale.
Ankle Injury
A 53 year old lady from Suffolk slipped approximately 6 metres sustaining an injury to her ankle. She was treated at the scene and given pain relief before sixteen members of the Team assisted in her evacuation to Red Tarn and on to Patterdale Mountain Rescue Base for transfer to a NW Ambulance.
A woman from London turned back at Red Tarn whilst the rest of her party went on to Helvellyn summit. When the party returned to their car she had not arrived back. She arrived back whilest search was being initiated.
Assist With Injured Cyclist
The team, who were fundraising at Aira Force, were requested to assist the Beep Emergency Response Doctor when a cyclest had an accident between the top and middle car parks. The casualty was flow to Newcastle by Air Ambulance.
Reported Casualty With Cramp
A report was received to assist a male who had severe cramps in his legs . He was reported to be on steep broken ground and was unable to descend to the road side. The Team deployed a vehicle and Team members to Red Pits for investigation but nothing was found. On speaking to a member of the public it was believed that the man had manged to descend under his own steam.
Ankle injury to member of Duke of Edinburgh group
An 18 year old man from Barnstable slipped and injured his right ankle whilest on a D of E expedition. The team splinted the leg and stretchered him from the fell for transfer Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
Two students crag-fast on Helvellyn Headwall
2 students became cragfast having traversed from the end of Striding Edge. Team members deployed to the top of Swirral Edge and the base of the headwall. With the assistance of a RAF Sea King Helicopter the students were located and winched to the sumit for assessment before being airlifted to Patterdale for re-warming in the Rescue Centre.
Walker stuck on steep snow
The team were called to assist two walkers from Ormskirk who had become stuck on the snowfield on the final ascent from Striding Edge to the summit of Helvellyn. One of the two had made his way to safer ground leaving his colleague nervous and frightened on a 45 degree snow slope. They were assisted to the sumit by passers-by who spoe to the rescue team by mobile phone. Mobile phone contact was
Lost On Great Dodd
Police called the Team to assist two persons on Great Dodd who were lost in mist. Their map had disintegrated in the wet conditions, they did have a compass and GPS but were unsure how to use them. They were safely guided off the fell by the Team.
Abandoned Rucksack
A party of two fellwalkers reported to the police that they had discovered an abandoned rucksack close to Red Tarn. After talking with the Team the rucsack was recovered by the walkers who met up with a Team Member. The equipment and contents, including some scientific measuring equipment, was taken to Penrith Police.
Man falls 400ft from Helvellyn
A 52 year old man fell 400ft from Swirral Edge towards Red Tarn. 10 team members were flown up to the basin by the Air Ambulance before climbing a steep snow gully to treat him for head, chest, pelvic and spinal injuries. He was lowered to the Red Tarn Basin and transfered to hospital by RAF Sea King helicopter.
Search for overdue walkers
Two walkers split from the rest of their party and failed to make a later rende-zvous. The team were called out to search when they were 4hrs over due. They were located fit and well but had been overtaken by darkness and without torches had struggled to make progress. Langdale Ambleside and SARDA search dogs were also involved.
Divided Party
Three climbers had reported form a public house in Patterdale that two of their climbing partners had not returned from Scrubby Crag. The reporting three had turned back as it was getting dark but the others had continued on. Subsequently information arrived from the police that the missing two had made there way to Rydal, called the police and were taking a taxi round to Patterdale. All were
Climber falls near Helvellyn
A 55 year old climber had just finished climbing a gully in Nethermost Cove when he slipped and fell. Following the fall, the climber was able to ascend to a safe position near the top of the gulley but was unable to continue due to his injuries. The injured climber was airlifted by an RAF helicopter from Boulmer and taken to Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle.
Link Cove Faller
A 47 year old man fell 400ft whilest climbing a gully in Link Cove. Four team members responding to the earlier incident were flown up by the Air Ambulance. The man had sustained injuries to his right arm, shoulder and hip. He was treated by air ambulance and rescue team personnel, placed in a stretcher and transported to the landed air ambulance.
First of two rescues
A 28 year old man from Lancashire was walking with his partner and two dogs when he fell from Swirral Edge into Brown Cove, resulting in a serious fracture dislocation to his right ankle. Team members were airlifted to the site where they treated the casualty and stretchered him down to Greenside.
News Release
The team were called to a 72 Yr old lady from Clitheroe who had slipped on ice and injured her ankle. She was treated at the scene and then transported to the main car park in the team landrover for transfer to CIC Carlisle by ambulance.
Press Release
An 18 year old student in an organnised group developed sever abdominal pains. He was assessed and treated on the fell by the team before being flown to Carlise Infirmary by an RAF Sea King.
Man fell from Striding Edge, Helvellyn
A man from Birkenhead fell about 50m from Striding Edge suffering a dislocated shoulder. The team who were on a winter training exercise attended and treated him. He was evacutated by a Sea King in the area on a training flight and was taken to Cumberland Infirmary Carlisle.
Assisted Keswick MRT with evacuation
As the previous incident was concluding the Team received a request to assist Keswick MRT with the evacuation of multiple hypothermic casualties from near the summit of Skiddaw.
Six lost in snowy and icy conditions after navigation error
Six Yorkshire Ambulance crew attempting the Kentdale Horseshoe became lost in worsening winter conditions. As the team were beginning a search the party turned up having descended into the Patterdale Valley in error. Penrith, Kendal and Langdale Ambleside MRT were also involved.
Search above Brotherswater
Call from police to assist with locating a group of young people from Carlisle. Two 17yr olds of the group of five had descended fom the fell where they had been camping. They had been feeling ill and an ambulance had been called. The remaining members of the party were checked by the Team and found to be ok. Police returned two of the group to their home.
Slip on icy path
A man from Bolton slipped and injured his lower leg on an icy path. His leg was splinted by the team and he was stretchered from the fell to road. He was transported by Landrover Ambulance to the Rescue Centre for a rendezvous with an ambulance for transport to Carlise Infirmary.
Lake Shore Path Ankle
The team responded to a call by police to assist a woman from Rutland who had fallen and injured her ankle. The woman was walking with her family on the lake shore path between Howtown and Glenridding. The woman slipped on ice and fractured her ankle. The team splinted her leg and she was transported back to Glenridding in the team boat and then to the rescue centre in Patterdale to meet an ambula