Education Pack

You have found the Patterdale Mountain Rescue Education pack download!

The aim of this project is to raise awareness and understanding of Mountain Rescue within the local and wider community and to highlight all the different types of work we do.

We trust you’ll really enjoy learning about different aspects of the Team as you read through. We want our pack to help young people to be inspired to enjoy outdoor adventure responsibly, and to educate and encourage them to get involved with voluntary service going on in their local area.

Download a PDF of the Education Pack Here or to arrange a base visit for an educational group email our

One final thank you to everyone involved in the online landscape photography auction, esp @Edenphotograph1 Jason and @P050840 Paula who made it all happen. Over £10,800 is now in the Chris Lewis Support Fund. Most of all, thank you to all who contributed images or made bids.

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