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Patterdale MRT has been selected by the AVIVA Community Fund as one of fifty charities whose fundraising they wish to promote in the coming six weeks. The Team is fundraising to purchase a rugged Vital Signs Monitor for use in hostile conditions.  The device is designed to measure a casualty’s vital signs (heart rhythm, blood pressure, pulse, breathing and core temperature) resulting in more effective treatment and a better outcome.

From noon on Tuesday 16 February, members of the public can contribute to an online project fund. The more donations we receive in the first week, however large or small, the higher the profile of the project, so the next 7 days are critical. Employees of AVIVA will then be able to make their own pledges from Tuesday 23 February. There is an AVIVA employee pot of £250k to be distributed across the 50 charities so this could be a significant fundraiser for the Team.

With up to 90 callouts annually in mountainous terrain and on water in the Ullswater valley, this takes its toll on equipment.  “We made our application last year,” explains Peter Baker, a Team member and Trustee, “and are delighted to be selected by AVIVA.” 

“The opportunity offered by the AVIVA Community Fund is quite a different form of fundraising for the Team. It provides both the opportunity to replace an old piece of equipment and a chance to raise awareness of the nature of mountain rescue and the volunteers involved with a new audience.”

The Team is focusing on the purchase of a portable Vital Signs Monitor (VSM), designed for use in challenging conditions.  The machine will be able to measure heart rhythm, blood pressure, pulse, breathing and core temperature – especially useful in a casualty suffering hypothermia. It has the facility to add other functions such as a defibrillator as well as the ability to transfer data to an A&E doctor for confirmation of the diagnosis. The quicker the Team is able to act, treat and transfer the casualty, the better the outcome.

The device costs £12k so that is the target for this project with an additional “stretch”, if we achieve the target with your support and that of AVIVA’s employees, of another £4k to purchase an add-on defibrillator.  The Team is always grateful for the support it receives from whatever quarter.Fuller information about the VSM and how to contribute to the Team via the AVIVA Community Fund initiative is online at https://www.avivacommunityfund.co.uk/mountain-medics

Thank you to staff and families of Gledhill Building Products at Blackpool. We've been their adopted charity for fundraising this year and they visited Base yesterday and presented us with a cheque for £588.
Hugely appreciated - thank you https://www.gledhill.net/

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