About us

On call 24 hours a day, every day of the year.
The Team is made up entirely of trained volunteers.

Team Members

Our members have a wide variety of “day jobs” and are very proud of the tradition of UK voluntary mountain rescue service.

Team members all have mountaineering skills, first aid qualifications and local knowledge and many have expertise in specialist mountain casualty care, advanced first aid, emergency off and on-road driving and water rescue.

For Mountain Rescue call 999

Call 999 and ask for POLICE then MOUNTAIN RESCUE
Have the following information ready

  • Your name and address.
  • The number of the telephone that you are ringing from, and any mobile phones in your party.
  • Why you need help.
  • How many people are in your party.
  • Where you are (preferably using a grid reference).
  • The weather at the incident site.
  • What survival equipment you have between you.
  • The registration of the vehicle you travelled in and where it is parked.
  • Once you have requested help follow exactly any instructions given to you. If told to stay where you are you must do so. If you move you risk losing any mobile phone signal and impeding any rescue team coming to help you.

Mountain rescue team members are on call, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year to recover climbers from precipitous crags, reunite lost walkers, and ensure injured and sick casualties are safely delivered into hospital care.

But we also help search for missing children and vulnerable adults, on and off the hills, whilst administering sympathetic support to their families. We search river banks and swift water, and wade chest-deep through flooded urban streets helping devastated homeowners.
On Ullswater we assist swimmers, kayakers and pleasure crafts that get in to difficulty.

Did you see our Rescue Boat Appeal launch post on Friday? We're aiming to raise £25k towards the costs of a replacement for The John Scott. Full details and donation links are on our website.

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